Management Plans

We understand that every client has individual, distinct needs, and as such we’re available to define, alongside each client, the best solutions to fit your individual needs.

We present to you below our 4 main plans of property management, ranging from technological help to full property management.

To the best listing come the best guests

That’s why we have a team of partners and professionals we work with to make sure our clients promote their properties in the best way possible.

Host’s Portal

A portal to keep track of everything going on in the property and who stays there.


We invoice by delegation, on our clients’ behalf, and coordinate the sending of the SAFT.

Booking Platform

We have our own booking platform, where you can promote your property and leave all the bureaucracy to us.

Writing and Translation Services

We work with writing and translation professionals to guarantee your listing attracts all your ideal guest’s attention.


We have a partnership with interior photographers to guarantee we capture the best angles of your property for your listings.

Decor and Modernization

If you’re planning on listing your property on Airbnb and need help with decorating, you can count on our partners to help you out.

*Some of these services have an additional charge


If you still have questions about our services please read our FAQ below.

What’s the duration of the contract?

Our contracts don’t have loyalty periods. Whenever you stop needing our services you just need to let us know so we can make the transfer in an orderly fashion, in order not to cause any disturbances with the bookings.


To whom belong the listings in platforms like Airbnb?

All the listings belong to the property owner. We simply manage the platform on their behalf. 

I need to book my property for some friends. How can I do it?

No problem at all. You can easily do that in the Host’s Portal or contact your account manager or the host’s support service.

How can I keep track of bookings?

With your access to the Host’s Portal you have full information on past, current and future bookings. You can also create several reports to help with profit calculations.

Still having doubts? Contact us