Want to put your property on Airbnb?

Want to list your property on Airbnb?

Contact us to book a visit

We’ll book a visit to your property to explain all the benefits of Airbnb and how you can work with us. Together we’ll decide what to do next.

We handle all the bureaucracy and prepare your property

We start all the legal processes to get your property ready for Airbnb. Meanwhile, we prepare the property to be exactly how the guests like it!

We take photos and create the listings

Professional photos are key to attract guests. We will photograph your property showing all the important details, and then create the best listings to attract your ideal guests.

In the end, you’ll just have to collect bookings (and money!)

After we’re done, you just need to start welcoming your guests. And if you’d like to hand it all off, GestHomes can help you with that process as well!

What income can I get from my home?